First and foremost

our relationship is about creating a partnership that works for you. 

We don’t take a one size fits all approach. In fact, our approach is quite unique - we tailor what we offer depending on what you need and want.

We work with you, the landowner, at every step of the journey - from planning, promotion and innovative master plan preparation, right through to creating a new community that you can be proud of for generations to come.


Our two step approach

to designing and building beautiful communities.

Stage One: Promotion agreement with BSP where planning permission is achieved.
Stage Two: If you wish to continue in the trusted partnership, you will see enhanced returns by partnering with our housebuilder Pye Homes to create our beautiful new community.

There is absolutely no requirement for you to commit to stage two; it will form part of the discussion as our relationship progresses.


Appreciating your land together starts here

Our team are unashamedly ambitious; we start as we mean to finish with a clear vision to leave a landscape-led legacy. Our masterplan will bring this sense of legacy to life, but also translate your specific visions into reality and show a deep understanding of your own ambitions. In addition, through our grassroots consultation, we’ll understand the hopes and aspirations of your local community and key stakeholders too.

YOUR LEGACY: Legacy means a lot to us and can also be very personal. Because of this, we will work with you to help you define and establish your own definition of legacy.

LONG TERM PARTNERSHIP: We see working together as far more than promotion - it is a long-term partnership where we both share in the added value and achieve enhanced returns.

MIXED USE: We can support the delivery of non-residential uses and re-energise enterprise and commerce, bringing long term value. We have our own successful portfolio, with experience in developing and running incubator, managed office and other commercial accommodation.

OUR LANDSCAPE: We have a landscape-led approach, successfully implementing regenerative and biodiversity-enhancing measures.

HUMILITY IN PARTNERSHIP: We have experience of working with local communities where the landowner’s presence is an enduring feature and must be treated sensitively.

NAME: As a trusted name known for excellence, we can enhance community buy-in to the project and support successful allocation. Our brand can serve to complement yours and add value.

AFFORDABLE HOMES: Blenheim is an approved landlord of affordable housing and, on its own land, maintains ownership of all the affordable accommodation. A similar model could offer long-term income streams for the landowner whilst keeping the asset on your balance sheet for example.

OUR MARKETING: Our property marketing team do things very differently to other promoters and developers – it’s the secret to our success. You can benefit from this expertise too.


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If your community thrives, so do you.

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Pye Homes


Who are Pye?

Pye Homes is part of the Blenheim group of companies, formed in 1927 and based in Oxford. Pye Homes has built up a wealth of experience with developments in many counties including Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Warwickshire and West Sussex.

Pye have always taken pride in the homes and communities they have built. Although many things have changed in that time, their values have stayed the same. Pye have a series of principles that set the standard for how they build every development including respect for tradition, designing for harmony, caring for customers and concern for the environment.

How does it work?

Working with Pye Homes gives you the option to see your vision for your land become a reality, staying involved through to the sale of each home. Which means you benefit from the enhanced land value from gaining the planning consent and you share in the housebuilders profits when the new community is built.

In 2020 Pye won two prestigious awards at the House Builder. Awards including Best Design for Three Storeys or Fewer for Park View, Woodstock and Best Small Housebuilder of the Year.


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